Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Billee's Story

One of the greatest evidences of the reality of Christ is in lives he's changed. Take for example my talk with Billee.

 “So you’re going to get married soon?”

Billee laughed, “No, I already did, two months ago.”

“Oh, my bad. Congratulations!”

“It was a beautiful day. But you know, it takes a lot of adjustments,” she said.

“It does,” I said, “You have to be willing to bend for the other one.” (I decided I was going to help Billee.)

I’d seen her many times at this weekly Christian hot dog stand at a coffeehouse. Most of the folks who came were on disability, ex-druggies and drunks, pregnant or troubled teenagers, people with broken families, and deep emotional needs. Billee appeared somewhat different. Though weather beaten, she dressed well and drove a nice car.

Billee talked about her new husband, Joe. “Today was pretty challenging. But he apologized to me for being a little testy.” I could tell they were serious about making this marriage work.

As others waited for hot dogs, she began to tell me her story. 

 “I was raised in a Christian home, but I went away from it.”

As a young girl her parents split up and she was raised by her Uncle and Aunt. From age 8, her uncle began molesting her. This continued for eight years. “We would go to church. He would ask forgiveness, and then he would molest me again.”

She ended up getting married for the first time at age 16. On the night before her marriage, at 2 a.m., - her uncle molested her. Twelve hours later Billee was walking down the aisle.

The marriage failed. So did number two. “Number one and two should not have happened. I was too young.” She descended into drugs, drinking, addictions, and finally got married for the third time. Number 3 eventually became a Christian. He tried to convince Billee it was the way to go. She would have none of it.

No wonder.

Number 3 got cancer, fought it for five years, and then died. Then Billee got cancer. She’s been in and out of treatment four times. “I’ve been cancer free for a year,” the 48 year old told me.

Before number 3 died, a couple visited the apartments that he and Billee managed. Tim and Sarah were looking for a woman who had visited their church. They met Billee. They befriended her. Slowly they built a relationship.

“I resisted them and bad-mouthed them at first.” she said. 

Through the death of her husband, cancer, and revelation of her painful past, they stuck with Billee.  She came to faith. “No one ever helped me like Tim and Sarah did. They pointed me to Jesus. He loves me. He saved me.”

Still wanting to help her, I asked, “Why don’t you go to a church closer to where you and Joe live?”

“This is my church. I could never leave this church.”

I walked away from Billee realizing she had helped me. She has been changed.

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